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Bachata Tango Volume 1 and 2 Release Date Feb. 26,2008

Jorge Elizondo & Camille Yannatouno Bachata Tango Picture


Jorge Elizondo & Camille Yannatouno

Jorge Bachata Fusion Style has taken bachata,  which has always been a very beautiful traditional dance style, and fuse it with other dance styles into a dance experience that's both an exotic feast for the eyes and an even more passionate experience for the dancers. 

Jorge Elizondois proud of his latest paradigm modification to bachata has been to combine it with tango.  This month Jorge will be releasing his double DVD Set, Bachata Tango Volumes 1 and 2.

Never one to scrimp on quality, Jorge retained the services of one of the top two tango dancers and instructors in the country, Ross Todorovic and Camille Yannantuono from www.elstudiotango.com

Jorge knew from his last year+ of international travels that there were many places where tango and bachata could be fused into something even more unique and beautiful yet still realistically leadable and suitable for social dancing.  But he wanted to make sure that he was using authentic tango material in his new product so that's where Ross and Camille come into the mix.

Jorge flew'em both into Texas (where Jorge lives) and they collebrated and developed Bachata Fusion's Bachata Tango. A beautiful expression of Tango and Bachata  full passion and sensuality. One dvd you cant miss.

Jorge has just released a freestyle clip of Bachata Tango.  Check it out:

Bachata Tango FreeStyle Performance


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